About the YBIA

Yaletown is a vibrant commercial and residential district with a diverse mix of world-class retail, restaurants and services. The Yaletown Business Improvement Association has evolved with the area and is now a mature organization with a long list of accomplishments.

Since 1999, the Yaletown BIA has beautified Yaletown’s streets, helped foster economic development and reduce property taxes, effectively marketed Yaletown and ensured that the streets remain safe for businesses and customers.

Today the Yaletown BIA is an organization capable of handling top-tier international opportunities such as the 2010 Olympics, Illuminate Yaletown, hosting well-heeled travel writers from around the world and producing outstanding public events that attract hundreds of thousands of shoppers and diners annually.

As a result, Yaletown is a growing, prosperous and healthy business district with among the lowest retail vacancy rates in Vancouver. The BIA works hard to ensure that Yaletown stays that way and that we continue to attract, promote and enhance local properties and businesses well into the future.

How is the Yaletown BIA funded?

The BIA is entirely funded by the commercial properties which fall within the official BIA boundaries, as set by the City of Vancouver (see the YBIA map for these boundaries).  Each year, the volunteer BIA Board of Directors determines the programming and budget needs for the upcoming year, and the members vote on this at the Annual General Meeting. A levy payment is then collected from each member to enact the budget and programming plan.

This ensures that the activities and priorities of the Yaletown BIA are entirely member driven for the benefit of Yaletown.

For more details, download the Yaletown BIA Strategic Plan 2008-2013.

For More about BIAs:

  • BIA | BC » BIABC is a non-profit umbrella organization representing all BIAs in British Columbia.
  • City of Vancouver BIA Program » The City of Vancouver has a continuing role assisting with contacts between the BIA and City departments, facilitating the annual funding process, and monitoring BIA budgets.
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