Mission & Mandate

The Yaletown Business Improvement Association (BIA) is a non-profit society with a mission to enhance its members’ business opportunities by leading action to improve the Yaletown environment and to promote Yaletown as the place to trade and visit. There are over 900 businesses in Yaletown and over 530 commercial properties in the area that make up the membership of the Yaletown BIA.

Formed in 1999, it is funded by a special municipal levy that is paid by all commercial properties in the designated 20 block Yaletown area. This levy forms the baseline of the YBIA’s budget although it also acts as seed money to enhance programs that generate sponsorship money, in kind donations, value added initiatives such as strategic partnerships and media attention. If your business or commercial property is located within the 20 block Yaletown area (shown in pink in the map below), you are automatically a member of the Yaletown Business Improvement Association.

The membership and Board of Directors are comprised of both property owners and business tenants who share input to develop the direction and goals of this organization. The YBIA encourages active participation of all members through the Board of Directors, YBIA Committees, meetings, networking and special events.

BIA Boundary Map for Yaletown

Yaletown BIA Boundary Map

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