Security Services (24/7)

As a member, you have access to connecting with YBIA’s security services if you require assistance or witness anything suspicious.

Yaletown Grants

Access financial grants to help you with your security enhancement, storefront beautification, marketing partnership and patio support. The YBIA is also introducing a new limited-time grant for this year! Check it out to learn more, and apply!

Building Lighting Projects

Have you stepped out in Yaletown in the evenings lately? It looks spectacular thanks to the lighting projects we recently helped our property owners install.

Borrowing Holiday Inflatables

The YBIA has a number of festive décor options that can be lent to you, including Christmas lights and tons of fun inflatables! Let us know if you want to borrow them.

Annual General Meeting 2023 [closed]

As a Yaletown business/property owner and member, this is your opportunity to learn about upcoming plans for the neighbourhood and to voice your opinion on important issues.

Summer Activation Plazas

Do you want to host an event or a class at Bill Curtis Square or Helmcken Plaza? Let us know so that we can help you get a permit.

The NEXT 5 YEARS (2024-2028)

We’re entering a new period to renew our mandate. You have the opportunity to influence how the BIA funds are spent over the next 5 years to improve Yaletown.

Why Shop Local?

Keeping dollars local on family-run businesses and goods/services stimulates the community, creates more jobs and strengthens the local economy. Every …

BIA 101

What is a BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION? A business improvement area (BIA) is a specially funded business district, operated by a …