Aarm Dental Group – Yaletown

8am - 6pm

Aarm Dental Group was founded in 1985 by Dr. Jim Armstrong. Jim is a graduate of the dental school at the University of British Columbia. Jim is a fanatic about fishing, skiing, mountain biking and, of course, his family. Jim’s vision for Aarm was a group of like minded professionals who are dedicated to private practice, by maintain an “academic orientation”, through life long participation in graduate training programs. Many Aarm dental partners also tech at dental schools or international/national dental organizations. From an initial location in Vancouver, in 1985, the group has grown to encompass 7 locations and 22 doctors, stretching from Downtown Vancouver to Whistler Village. An important component of Aarm’s vision is to provide it’s dentists and dental teams an opportunity to lead a balanced life between personal commitments and professional and academic excellence.