Bean Around The World Yaletown

7am - 5pm
10am - 4pm

We show customer appreciation with high standards on quality, providing a casual space in our cafes, and giving back to the community.

Serving coffee is the simple part (after all, we’re sure there are enough complex things in the rest of your day). Behind the scenes there are a lot of moving parts influencing that classic Bean taste. In fact, we’ve spent over 25 years perfecting each step in the crop-to-cup process.

Our people like what they like, and we won’t fight them on that since what they like are small-batches of beans done in our vintage Probat roasters from the ‘50s. Our roasting experts make sure that each little batch reaches its full flavour potential by applying a number of sight, smell, and taste tests along the way. Sure, we can do tea and treats, too (and they’ll meet our high standards of quality), but our mainstay has always been roasting.