Chasers Fresh Juice And Deli

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Chasers Juice Revolution!

The Chasers Juice revolution aims to revolutionize the way people juice! Our goal is to provide our clients and the public with fresh, healthy juices made of all-natural, real ingredients. We believe that fresh and real are best, and add no extra sugar or preservatives to all of our juices, relying only on the natural flavours of the fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Juice is more than a delicious drink, it is a science. Our recipes are specially crafted, and ingredients meticulously measured in order to ensure healthy mixes, delivered consistently.

Who Are We ?

For over a decade, Chasers Juice has provided clients and the public with an unparalleled level in quality and flavour in all of our juices. The Chasers production team works each day to create delicious, healthy and flavourful blends.

Chasers has grown from an operation based out of Toronto- to then opening the Yaletown Vancouver location, which now also provides & produces wholesale juices. Here in Vancouver -We now processes hundreds of litres of juice daily! We create unique fruit blends, as well as vegetable based juices and mixes.

The production team members are all flavour experts. Apart from creating the juice, they are the first line of quality control, ensuring each juice is consistently delicious, and meets the Chasers Juice standard.

What We Do

We start early. Each day, we begin production around 7:00 AM. Each juice is made from real, natural ingredients. The fruit is either squeezed by hand, or mechanically pressed or extracted. On average, over 350 pounds of both lemons and limes are squeezed daily by the production team. It takes a lot of fruit to make our juice- in only 2 litres of Chasers Orange Juice, there are over 2-dozen oranges.

Following specially crafted recipes created in-house by the owner, the production team creates each juice. Consistency is king at Chasers, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create not only healthy and flavourful juices, but to do it every day. We follow meticulous health and safety guidelines while in the workplace. All cleaning surfaces are constantly cleaned and sanitized, and all equipment is thoroughly washed to avoid cross-contamination.

Once the juices are created for the day, we label and package the juice for delivery. Once in transit, the juice arrives at its destination promptly in order to ensure all juices are fresh on delivery. We deliver Monday- Friday – 24 hours after your order is givento us- either by email or phone call.It is made specifically for each client!


Juice Cleanses

1-2- or 3 Day Juice Cleanses- see our website for Details. A great way to cleanse the body, and kick start your health and well being.


What Else We Serve!

Healthy Deli Sandwiches ( Made for you at our extensive Deli Sandwich bar), Home made Salads ( w/ our own dressings), Baked Goods ( including many gluten free products), Gourmet Coffee ( fine roasted, espressos, capaccinos avail)

And we do “CATERING” to local businesses- check out website for details