Dr. Shawn K. Exley

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Dr. Shawn K. Exley has been the owner of Yaletown Chiropractic since the spring of 2017. He graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. He has always had a desire to help others and shortly after being introduced to chiropractic, he saw how beneficial it was in supporting his active lifestyle. Growing up, he participated in competitive sports such as hockey, baseball, and soccer, and he currently plays hockey recreationally. He also recently took up running, participating in numerous half marathons since the fall of 2014.

After completing high school and obtaining his Associate of Science degree at the University of the Fraser Valley, Dr. Shawn moved to eastern Canada to complete his Bachelor of Science Honours in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. Before attending chiropractic school, he worked as a kinesiologist, designing active rehabilitation and gradual return to work programs for individuals who were injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Dr. Shawn focuses his chiropractic care on each client’s specific goals and comfort level. Whether the goal is to simply walk comfortably or run a marathon, he takes a functional approach to his chiropractic techniques. Some of these techniques include diversified Chiropractic adjustments, muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapies, and pin & stretch techniques to specific muscles. He also uses postural assessments, muscle testing, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) utilizing Adhesion Breakers.