Ganache Pâtisserie

Sun - Mon:
9am - 5pm
Tues - Fri:
9am - 6pm
9am - 7pm

Inspired by centuries of French pâtisserie tradition, Ganache is passionate about sharing our love for the pastry arts. As an artisanal pâtisserie, our classical training explores traditional recipes and flavours while we handcraft our desserts and cakes to more contemporary palettes with the introduction of new world flavours, structures, and textures. Whether it’s our signature Chocolate Banane or our take on the classic gâteau Opéra, it all starts with quality ingredients and our ardent commitment to quality that makes a Ganache dessert stand out from the crowd.

Beyond our passion to create edible works of art, quality is defined by the taste of everything we make at Ganache. From our croissants and macarons to our signature desserts and wedding cakes, it is taste that distinguishes our pâtisserie and inspires people to share our passion for pastries with all their friends and family. Come into Ganache and taste a little bit of Paris and share our passion for patisserie with those you love!