Health in Alignment Chiropractic


Our emphasis on patient management revolves around an evidence-based, functional approach to care; identifying the factors contributing to the condition or injury, then utilizing the best practice methods to treat, rehabilitate and educate while minimizing time away from sport and exercise, or a healthy body in general. We also put great emphasis into identifying risk factors that may lead to injury before symptoms appear.

One of the reasons back pain is so common is that it can be caused by so many different things: work-related injuries, sports injuries, poor posture, stress, car accidents, improper lifting. Any of these things can cause your spine to shift from its normal position or affect your range of motion. This puts pressure on the joint, muscles, and nerves in that area, and is what causes most back pain. A chiropractic adjustment allows your spine to return to its proper position and improve your range of motion, letting you feel like yourself again.