Moonlight Dog Cafe: Vancouver’s Raw Pet Food Store destination

10am - 7pm
Tuesday - Friday:
10am - 7:30pm
10am - 7pm
10am - 7pm

Vancouver Raw Food Pet Store with wide variety of other quality pet food and pet accessories

Moonlight Dog Cafe is downtown Vancouver’s best raw pet food store. We carry a huge variety of raw dog food and cat food and also carry freeze-dried raw and dehydrated meals like Primal Pet Foods, Ziwi Peak and Stella & Chewy’s. We are the equivalent of your health food store for cats and dogs. Our quality raw food products for both dogs and cats include more than 6 Canadian brands with a majority made in and around Vancouver. Check us out online at for online shopping and free local delivery.

Moonlight Dog Cafe Raw Pet Food Store in Downtown Vancouver

Moonlight Dog Cafe Pet Store in Downtown Vancouver

Why Dog Cafe?

We wanted to provide a pet-friendly cafe environment where you can do all the things you want with your pet  – meeting friends, working on your laptop, studying, reading or just simply getting out of the house for a change! Come hang out with your pet while you enjoy free WiFi, read pet health or pet training books and magazines, or eat a to-go meal!

Why focus on raw pet food?

Because nature does not get it wrong. “Wild cats and dogs eat their whole prey including the liver, intestines, skin and fur so they get all the nutrients they need.” Dr. Sean Delaney, Board certified veterinary nutritionist, former Chair of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. We are your health food store for cats and dogs. Our quality raw food products for both dogs and cats include 6 Canadian brands with a majority made in and around Vancouver. The store also has a selection of freeze-dried raw, dehydrated meals and pet treats.

What brands do you carry?

Raw pet food brands we carry include: BC’s Best Raw Pet Food, Carnivora, K-9 Choice Pet food, Red Dog Blue Kat, 3P Naturals, irRawsistible Pet Food, Primal pet food, Northwest Naturals pet foods, Nature’s Variety, Tucker’s, and Rad Cat. Get the best in pet food and supplies while enjoying our lounge.

More than just your local pet store in the Yaletown area

We have an ever-expanding selection of pet-related products made by local artists and artisans. Our programming includes free Holistic Pet Nutrition seminars and pet training as we believe well-fed, exercised and trained animals make for healthier, long-lived companions.


Dog party in Vancouver Pet store

Dog party in Vancouver Pet store

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