OEB Breakfast Co.

(604) 423-3447
7am - 3pm

OEB is a Chef driven concept, where the focus and emphasis lie on the people that produce and grow our food. We reach to all corners of the country to provide the very best in quality and craftsmanship. Traditional cooking techniques with modern twists are used to create a menu that caters to all walks of life.

We opened the doors of the first OEB in October of 2009, starting as a small and charming breakfast spot in the North East end of the city. Our second location opened in the summer of 2016, located on the ground floor of fifth Avenue place, with a modern decor and a very open kitchen. In November of 2017, we opened our third and largest location in Calgary’s Mission district. This is our largest space yet, with a “live” crepe and waffle station, a full champagne & coffee bar, and a micro green and charcuterie room.

Awards & Nominations:
OEB won numerous awards in the last years, recently named best brunch by Where Magazine and Best of Calgary 2017.
We thank our employees for such achievements as we couldn’t have done it without them!