PHAT Yaletown

9am - 11pm

Rome’s got pasta, Chicago’s got deep dish, and Vancouver? Well, its got PHAT, a.k.a. Pretty Hot and Tasty. Ignore the verbal billingsgate unapologetically abounding off the walls at PHAT. It comes with the territory.

Savor PHAT favorite Hot Montreal smoked meat on Rye authentically served with a Kosher Dill pickle and you’ll see why PHAT is packed everyday at lunch. Come in out of the rain to sample PHAT’s freshly made soups: Matzo Ball and Wild Mushroom Bisque. Ask for the daily feature rotating Yam Tangerine, Beef Barely and French Onion served with fresh baked bread. Fully licensed, PHAT also serves breakfast all-day (Smoked meat Benny anyone?) salads, bagels, and the ultimate chocolate croissant all baked on-site.