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TEAJA was founded in 2013 by a team of successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the food and tea industry with the common goal to advocate for health and wellness. Our team includes North America’s most awarded in-house Tea Master with over 18 years of blending experience who has been working globally with the world’s finest tea producers to develop a masterfully created line of superior quality loose leaf teas that are all 100% organic, and free of toxic chemicals and additives.

While more and more people get sick due to the chemicals we ingest, TEAJA brings healthy solutions, one cup of 100% organic tea at a time. We at TEAJA actively support organic agriculture, and we strive to educate and bring awareness. The simple truth is that organic products benefit both the people and the environment by combining tradition, innovation and science.

Teas that are not certified organic are often air dried without rinsing, which means that toxic chemicals may end up in your cup. This not only affects the quality of your tea but also poses potential health risks.