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Discover How To
Transform Your Life with Hypnosis

Hypnosis can liberate yourself from fears, doubts, habits, and lifestyle choices that are not aligned with your highest potential!


Whole-person Well-Being

Experience happiness, peace, joy.

When we get caught up in life’s challenges, it’s easy to forget that we are each whole beings made up of many interrelated and often unseen elements and dimensions.

We have a tremendous amount of untapped potential.

Use whole person hypnotherapy to access the hidden power of your full self!


Clear fears, doubt, anxiety, limiting beliefs and more.

Past experiences can cause limitations, trauma, anxiety, and can trap our energies, holding us back from achieving our potential.

Regression hypnotherapy can open gates to our past, freeing energy, and propelling us toward our goals.


Become your own healer.

What is out of balance in your body?

You can learn to bring the power and positivity of your mind, the inspiration of your heart, and the energy of your spirit into the service of bringing your body into a state of wellbeing and healing.

The capacity for the mind to affect the body is tremendous and largely unexplored.

Fully harness the immense power of your mind to support your body’s healing while you’re working in partnership with medical practitioners and healers.

High Performance

Challenge yourself and accomplish your goals.

Athletes, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs all must challenge themselves and then follow through with the precision and determination that is required to meet those challenges.

Feel the gulp and then leap!

High performance requires a clear mind, an inspired heart, a willing body, and confidence.

Take your performance to new levels by accessing and utilizing the incredible resource of your unconscious mind.


Public speaking, meeting people, leading meetings, taking risks, going for your dreams or even daring to dream at all.

Imagine what it would be like to move through life with a healthy confidence.

Confidence is perhaps the most attractive energy of all. That is when it comes from within and is well grounded.

What would you do; how would you feel, with a well-earned authentic confidence that comes from the depth of who you are?

You can learn to enjoy public speaking, meeting new people, going out in public and all taking on all the opportunities and challenges that are now opening up for you.

About us:

Patrick J. Ryan is an internationally recognized registered clinical hypnotherapist, life and executive coach, family enterprise coach, leadership trainer, vision quest guide, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and founder of Yaletown Hypnosis, Vancouver Coaching and Awakened Wisdom Experiences.

He specializes in guiding people, teams, family businesses, and communities, as well as guiding vision quests, leadership development coaching, Leadership and Certified Advanced Coach Training Programs, and one-on-one coaching for people as they face the opportunities and challenges of these demanding times.

Patrick’s  book, Awakened Wisdom– A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance, was an international bestseller in the highly competitive spirituality category and endorsed by Marci Shimoff, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

He is also the author of, The AWE of Awakening: A Guidebook, and, The Eagle’s Call: A Journey of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Patrick brings twenty-five years of proven experience working with the public, the private sector, and executives worldwide.

He has presented his work in London, Tel Aviv, Spain, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Amsterdam, Dubai, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar(Burma), Laos, Cambodia, and throughout North America.

Get in contact with the Vancouver Yaletown Hypnosis team to learn how Patrick can help your life and business achieve their fullest potential.