Zend Conscious Lounge

11am - late
Weekday Brunch:
11am - 2pm
Weekend Brunch:
11am - 3pm

Zend Lounge is a place of community, a home away from home, where collectively we create a space of love and joy, while sharing nourishing food and botanical drinks.  Our menu is fully plant-based, organic and nutrient-dense. All of the ingredients from our botanical bar and vegan kitchen are passionately sourced from around the world to provide high-quality and fresh ingredients. Our lounge offers 100% organic ingredients for your health and nourishment.

We don’t serve alcohol. We serve something better – Zend. Zend is our proprietary blend of Rhodiola, Yerba Mate, Kava, Holy Basil, and Ashwaganda. Traditionally used to relieve symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety, opening you to the full experience our Conscious Lounge has to offer. No hangover – all natural – zero calories. Zend calms the soul, while leaving the mind aware and engaged. Bula!