Benefits of Yaletown BIA
Why should I join?

Benefits of the BIA

There are multiple reasons why you should join our BIA as a business/property owner

Benefits of the BIA

Why should I join?

Our Mission

The mission of the Yaletown Business Improvement Association (BIA) is to strengthen the neighbourhood’s economy by marketing Yaletown as a preferred destination for shopping, dining and exploring.

The Yaletown BIA operates year-round to provide a clean and welcoming district, government relations and assistance to members.

How does the Yaletown BIA get funded? The Yaletown BIA is a non-profit funded by commercial properties located within the official BIA boundaries, as set by the City of Vancouver.

Each year, the volunteer BIA Board of Directors determines the programming and budget needs for the upcoming year, and the members vote on this at the Annual General Meeting. A levy payment is then collected to enact the budget and programming plan.

This ensures that the activities and priorities of the Yaletown BIA are entirely member driven for the benefit of Yaletown. See the current strategic plan here (file size: 9MB).

Member Services

A non-profit organization, the Yaletown Business Improvement Association (BIA) was established to provide a united, collective voice for our business district. Since 1999 the Yaletown BIA has worked hard to promote and maximize opportunities for the 700+ businesses and 536 commercial properties within the BIA geographic area and to ensure that Yaletown remains a clean, attractive, vibrant and safe world-class destination.

To accomplish this, the Yaletown BIA organizes its efforts into four key activities: