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1200 block Hamilton Street
1200 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5 Canada
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Yaletown BIA
(604) 683-7473

Illuminate Yaletown is back for its 10-year reunion!

Do you remember when Yaletown was fluoresced with jewel-toned projections and jaw-dropping installations back in 2009 to 2012? Well, we have a surprise for you because this year Illuminate Yaletown is returning for its 10 Year Reunion, featuring the best light artists & tech-gurus from the previous Illuminate festivals.

Enjoy the FREE, entertainment-filled outdoor Light Art Exhibition hosted in Yaletown, showcasing contemporary and engaging technology from industry leading light artists and designers who play with advanced video and lighting technology. Illuminate Yaletown takes place on Hamilton Street, between Drake and Davie, plus a surprise installation at the Canada Line Roundhouse station. Lights on at 6:06 pm precisely and the exhibition goes dark at 1opm sharp. This is one night, and one street that you don’t want to miss.

You will have the opportunity to be inspired by unique outdoor projections, creative animations, and interactive light forms in the streets of Yaletown. Along with a selection of fan favourite displays, you can interact with “Flow” a responsive form that glows to the touch, and play with giant “Jax” in the street.

For ONE NIGHT only, March 8 at precisely 6:06 pm, join us at our reunion and bring your friends, family and work colleagues to stroll through some of the coolest and exclusive displays in Yaletown.

(c) lukemeup.ca

Make the evening even more fun; grab a friend and enjoy special Happy Hour “6:06″ cocktail menus at participating restaurants in Yaletown such as House Special and Tasty Indian Bistro

Location: 1200 block Hamilton Street between Davie and Drake St, AND Yaletown-Roundhouse Station
Date: Friday, March 8
Time: at precisely 6:06 pm (the time the sun sets over Vancouver). Event closes at 10pm

Yaletown Contest

Illuminate Yaletown welcomes and challenges all photographers and photo enthusiasts to have fun taking their best shot of this year’s jaw-dropping installations on the night of the event.

  • Take a photo/video of your favourite installations
  • Post it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #illuminateYaletown #YaletownContest (must do both)
  • Top five winners will be selected:
    1. $100 from Blue Water Cafe
    2. $60 from Bar None
    3. $50 from Hapa Izakaya
    4. $25 from Brix & Mortar
    5. $20 from House Special

Contest ends at 11:59 PM on March 10, 2019.

Note: Prize must be claimed by March 13. Otherwise, Yaletown BIA reserves the right to award the prize to someone else.

Illuminate Installations


Luminous Plants

A part of the ongoing series of ‘The Garden of Unearthly Delights’, Vertical Garden of Luminous Tropical Plants is a reinterpretation of the vertical garden as a manufactured landscape.

 Vertical gardens are a decorative use of nature but impossible natural phenomena. Plants can complete their life cycle under led light fixtures without ever being exposed to natural sunlight. Artificial flowers have been rebranded as ‘Permanent Flowers’. Robotic bees are pollinating flowers. The gap between nature and artificial gets ever narrower if it ever existed.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights is an ongoing creative project which creatively experiments between real, unreal, and hyperreal. Its inception began with the thought experiment of going to ‘the beyond’ as a botanical specimen collector and presenting the imaginative possibilities of what could exist.

Part of the duality between here and there is the expression of juxtaposition. Go ahead and take a photo in front of the artwork, and express how normal you are in comparison to the infinite possibilities of what could be.

Infinity Mirror World

This artwork re-examines visions of the other using contemporary technology to depict something that has always been (and always will be) slightly beyond literal expression. Depicting the infinite without time or space tends to cause imagining errors; the artwork presented expresses animated graphic elements as a metaphor for the journey between here and there. Ideas and visions are never able to be communicated or conveyed in their fullness, but with the advancement of technology, we get progressively closer to something perpetually out of reach.

Tangible Interactions


Flow is a large organic sculpture with 2,000 controllable lights that react to music. The audience can contribute to animate the lights on Visitor with an old school analog joystick.


Jax is a group of two-metre high, inflatable, complex geometric shapes that are illuminated from within. Taking their name from the childhood game “Jacks,” these glowing, candy-coloured giants are playful pieces that delight anyone walking by and remind you what it feels like to feel small again.

Graffiti Wall

Tangible’s Digital Graffiti Wall let’s people paint on a huge digital canvas – ten feet wide and seven feet tall – and get as close to the feeling of doing real graffiti art as possible.

The system lets you pick the perfect nozzle, find the exact hues you want to paint with, add drips and splatters, and complete your piece with stencils and stickers. It’s designed to be intuitive to use and anyone can pick up a can and create their own mural, tag or freestyle art.


Vanity is a brand new installation Tangible is unveiling at #illuminateYaletown.

Design Nerds


From previous Illuminate Yaletown. 2019 will showcase a different display.

A storytelling projection map displayed on a building wall designed by Hans Christian Berger, Alex Grunenfelder, and Samantha Beck.