Free Pre Rinse Spray Valves for Restaurants


Program Background

Vancouver restaurants and cafes can get new pre-rinse spray valves installed for free, thanks to a program offered by the City of Vancouver in partnership with Fortis BC and BC Hydro.

These spray valves clean dishes faster and use up to 80 per cent less hot water. A typical restaurant would save $200 to $400 per year in water and energy costs by switching to an efficient pre-rinse spray valve.

The City has created this opportunity for qualified businesses as part of its Greenest City efforts to help Vancouver businesses reduce water use and lower overall greenhouse gas emissions.

The valves are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and there are a limited number of valves available. Installation takes only 20 minutes. Many restaurants have already made the switch and are seeing real savings.

Register your interest in this offer at this website:

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