Illuminate Yaletown

Illuminate Yaletown is back for its 10-year reunion!

Do you remember when Yaletown was fluoresced with jewel-toned projections and jaw-dropping installations back in 2009 to 2012? Well, we have a surprise for you because this year Illuminate Yaletown is returning for its 10 Year Reunion, featuring the best light artists & tech-gurus from the previous Illuminate festivals.

Enjoy the FREE, entertainment-filled outdoor Light Art Exhibition hosted in Yaletown, showcasing contemporary and engaging technology from industry leading light artists and designers who play with advanced video and lighting technology. Illuminate Yaletown takes place on Hamilton Street, between Drake and Davie, plus a surprise installation at the Canada Line Roundhouse station. Lights on at 6:06 pm precisely and the exhibition goes dark at 1opm sharp. This is one night, and one street that you don’t want to miss. 

You will have the opportunity to be inspired by unique outdoor projections, creative animations, and interactive light forms in the streets of Yaletown. Along with a selection of fan favourite displays, you can interact with “Visitor” a responsive form that glows to the touch, build an illuminated “Konstrukt” (never before seen) and play with giant Jax in the street.

 For ONE NIGHT only, March 8 at precisely 6:06 pm, join us at our reunion and bring your friends, family and work colleagues to stroll through some of the coolest and exclusive displays in Yaletown.

Make the evening even more fun; grab a friend and enjoy special Happy Hour “6:06″ cocktail menus at participating restaurants in Yaletown.

Location: Hamilton Street between Davie and Drake St, AND Yaletown-Roundhouse Station
Date: Friday, March 8
Time: at precisely 6:06 pm (the time the sun sets over Vancouver). Event closes at 10pm

Contest TBD

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