Kick your winter blues

We are deep into winter now. The holidays are over, temperatures are low, Vancouver is rainy, days are short… Yes, the list about how dreary winter can be goes on!

We are here to help you fix this seasonal depression. Let’s shake the winter blues off!


Here are seven things to lift your spirits on the bluest of days:

1. Eat balanced 

When it’s dark and cold outside it’s easy to snuggle in our bed and crave for satisfying comfort food. We hear you, we do too. But take the time to focus on eating balanced meals – that way you make sure you get the nutrients you need. It’s also important to keep your blood sugar stable by eating regularly. Eating a balanced meal  will keep you energized throughout the day and help you from reaching for calorie-dense treats that are low in nutrients. After all, you are what you eat.

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2. Boost endorphins with exercise

Turn on the tunes and get into a (mood) boosting work out! Exercise helps to boost endorphins (hormones that help trigger a positive feeling in your body) and your immune system! With proper exercise, get your body ready to fight off that stubborn cold or flu that usually arrives during this season.

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3. Nourish yourself

Ease up on the coffee — too much caffeine can contribute to dehydration and fatigue! Tea and cold-pressed juices are a delicious and healthy alternative source of hydration. Try swapping your usual caffeine stimulants for herbal teas which are known for their high nutritional quality and, if you don’t mind cooler drinks, cold-pressed juice which provides a boost of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients!

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4. Create quiet time

Be careful not to take on too much — know your limits. Take some time to rejuvenate and relax. Relieve stress with a massage, unplug at a spa or practice yoga. The calm nature of yoga is the perfect relaxing exercise to add on to your daily routine.


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5. Pamper your skin

Your skin is exposed to harsh winds and lower temperatures during winter – it’s common to feel dry, dull and itchy. Make sure to step up your skin care moisture game. Apply rich and hydrating skin care products and the winter blues won’t stand a chance against your radiant, glowing skin!

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6. Stay social

Though it’s tempting to stay inside – plan a social activity that will get you out of your house. Friends are one of the best support systems when you’re feeling down! If you’re lacking motivation – reach out to friends who will help you power through. Our tip: go for brunch and indulge in some food over good conversation. But of course — allow yourself to be a bit of a homebody from time to time, too.


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7. Plan a vacation
If all else fails you can always book yourself a vacation! Get out of your daily routine — even if it just means taking your car and driving somewhere new or booking a trip to a warmer place and boosting your supply of Vitamin D. Studies show even planning a vacation will already lift your spirits and give you something to look forward to. The change of scenery will cheer you up!

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