History Walking Tour

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Duration: 1 hour
Starting Point: Mainland and Davie Street 

Take a self-guided tour through Yaletown, where Canadian Pacific Railway decided to build it’s western terminus in 1886.

CPR engine 374

Until a few years ago Yaletown, the warehouse district in Vancouver’s Downtown South area, was relatively unknown to most Vancouverites. Now with its mixture of art galleries, retail stores, restaurants, offices and new residential developments, Yaletown has become a vital part of the city. In Yaletown you can still see early rooming houses, late 19th century warehouses and some surviving single-family homes. This tour will introduce you to the area’s history and point out buildings of special historical and architectural interest.

The entire tour will take about 1 hour beginning on Mainland and David Street, right next to the train stop. If possible, walk the tour during business hours so that you see the interiors of commercial buildings and appreciate the interesting mixture of old and new Yaletown establishments.

yaletown history board

The Yaletown BIA has furnished the walking route with innovative new benches created from reclaimed lumber and designed to hint at Yaletown’s past railway heritage. Recently, the Yaletown BIA introduced new Yaletown History Board signage along the sidewalk to further add interest along the route.

1. Last Stop: Yaletown
2. Loading docks
3. Explore Yaletown
4. Canadian Bag Company
5. Yaletown Streets
6. Fashion
7. Parks & Recreation
8. Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
9. First gas station
10. Yaletown Industrial Sector
11. Lumber: An important part of Yaletown’s history
12. Explore Yaletown
13. Yaletown History: Vignette 1
14. From barrels to stadium
15. Bridges of Yaletown
16. Public Art
17. A neighbourhood develops
18. Explore Yaletown
19. Yaletown History: Vignette 2
20. The Great Fire
21. Was that a horse grazing in Yaletown?
22. It’s a jungle out there
23. Ogilvie’s “royal household” brand flavour
24. The sweetest address on Homer
25. Before the towers, did anyone actually live in Yaletown?
26. A-list tenants
27. Toilet tissue?
28. From banking to barking
29. H.J. Heinz CO.
30. Fire (s) in the 1100 block of Homer
31. The empress of Jams and Jellies
32. Pioneers in radio… And refrigerators, and stoves, and…
33. Yaletown’s “Automotive” past… And present
34. The Quadra Vancouver’s first
35. How to start a business in Yaletown
36. Bulman Bros. Printing


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