Media FAQ

Who can I speak with about events and breaking news in Yaletown?

Call or email Annette O’Shea, Executive Director »

Do you have a list of the major annual events and festivals in Yaletown?

Our current large scale events include CandyTown & Taste of Yaletown. Previous events included Illuminate Yaletown, Made in Vancouver festival, Outdoor Movie Night, Summer Street Party & more!

For further details, please email our Event Coordinator »

Could you provide me with a list of restaurants?

Yes! We’ve published our restaurants in the Yaletown Business Directory »
Can’t find the restaurant you were searching for? We’d be glad to assist.
Email our Marketing Coordinator at for assistance (we’ll follow up within one business-day)

Can I get a media pass for your upcoming events?

We will work with you to supply the desired access to our events. Please give us at least one-month’s notice to process requests.

Email our Marketing Coordinator »

Where can I find photos and promotional materials?

Please download our royalty-free licensed photographs on Google: Google Drive »

Please ensure you read our terms of service before using the photos.

Where is Yaletown located?

Yaletown is bordered by Homer Street and Robson Street, along the Northern edge of False Creek. The Yaletown heritage district includes Hamilton Street and Mainland Street between Drake Street and Nelson Street.

Find our downloadable maps here »