Movember is coming!


moustachmen-300What is Movember?

Movember in the month of November is where men and women globally team up to raise awareness and funds for men’s health (specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer & men’s health).

Men register with the Movember organization, and start with a clean-shaven face on November 1st. These men grow and groom their moustaches for 30 days and become Movember ambassadors, spreading awareness of men’s health initiatives.

Step 1: Find a good barber.

Looking for a way to tame your mo? Start of November with a clean shave. In Yaletown, Farzad’s Barber Shop (1208 Homer St) or Barber & Co (1120 Hamilton St) can help. Both of these barber shops offer traditional hot shave treatments. Your skin will thank you as you enter the month of Movember.

Step 2: Grow & groom your moustache

Simple enough, however if you’re in an office and need to maintain an orderly ‘stache you might want some specialized products.

Things to consider:

  • You’ll have to regularly clean your moustache. A regular facial wash will do the trick!
  • If you find that your upper lip is getting dry or that it has ingrown hairs, try an exfoliating scrub.
  • Choose a moustache design and keep your hair in order. You might need a precision shaver for this. Masc & Shoppers Drug Mart sell precision trimmers.
  • You may need to condition your skin under your moustache. This can be tricky because a regular moisturizer will get caught up in your hairs. Try a moustache or beard conditioner to keep your skin and mo in top shape.
  • Shaping your mo will need some specialized moustache wax. The waxes will hold the ends of your moustache in place & help keep it out of your food

If you’re searching for some hair and skin care products, try these local businesses:

  • Masc caters to male clientele and offers a range of skincare products & moustache waxes
  • BeautyMark carries skin care & grooming products for men and women
  • Skoah creates natural skin care products right here in Canada
Step 3: Start Talking about Movember

Because Movember isn’t all about facial hair – it’s about men’s health awareness.

Your Movember efforts will raise funds for some great institutions that support men’s health & we’d love to help you spread the word. If you work or live in Yaletown, be sure to snap some local photos of your mo and tag us on Instagram or Twitter. If you’re hosting a public fundraiser in the area, be sure to contact us & we’ll do our best to list the event.


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