Neighbourhood Feature: Blenz Coffee

Out of 80 countries, Canada ranked No. 1 in how much coffee we drink per capita in cafes. Clearly we like our java, but, if put through a blind taste-test, would you be able to tell the difference between an Americano and a Drip Coffee?

We (Yaletown BIA staff Susanna, Jillian and Joti) met with Janelle Saccucci, Marketing Director of Blenz Coffee to find out!

First things first, introductions:

Hi there! My name is Janelle and I am the Marketing Director at Blenz Coffee. It’s now been 5 years since I started working with the company, straight out of university as their social media coordinator! It’s been so much fun to watch and learn as my role evolved over the last few years, and ultimately, I love how creative it allows me to be.

Of course there’s incredible (read: delicious) perks such as free pastries on Monday and unlimited amounts of coffee, but truly what I look forward to most is collaborating with my team and other brands, whether we’re creating a new drink recipe or a fun campaign.



A little about Blenz Coffee:

For those of you who have visited a Blenz Coffee, you’ll be familiar with our assortment of speciality beverages, all made in-store from only the highest quality ingredients available. We’ve been around for over 26 years, having first opened our doors in 1992 in Vancouver on Robson & Bute. Our Yaletown location wasn’t too far behind, and actually just celebrated their 18th anniversary this January! We’ve since grown to over 60 locations, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

What’s #SkipTheDrip?

This is our latest campaign, and it’s all about getting customers to taste the difference between an Americano and Drip Coffee! We started to notice that a lot of our customers were on autopilot when they ordered their drinks, with most choosing a dark, drip coffee without ever thinking of trying anything else. We wanted to give people a chance to try a superior product, so we discounted the prices of Americanos to those of a drip coffee!

The Ultimate Coffee Taste Test:

So, back to the taste-test. With the idea that people tend to stick to one or two types of coffee drinks, we thought we’d put Yaletown BIA staff Susanna, Jillian and Joti to the test to see if A) the drinks could be properly identified, and B) the participants would surprise themselves and discover a new favourite drink. The drinks taste-tested include:

  • Espresso: made with Competition Blend Espresso, it’s tasting notes include toast, earthy, and slightly smoky.


  • Drip Coffee: Blenz coffee actually switches up the type of beans they use for drip coffee on a regular basis. It’s made by pouring hot water onto ground coffee, allowing them to brew and filter through a paper filter.


  • Americano: made with Competition Blend Espresso and hot water. Smoother than drip coffee, it’s full bodied with a balanced flavour comprised of toast, earthy and rich notes.


  • Cappuccino: made with Competition Blend Espresso, steamed milk and dry foam. Stronger in coffee flavor than a latte, with a sweetness contrast from the milk froth.


  • Cafe Latte: made with Competition Blend Espresso, steamed milk and wet foam. Easy to drink, the taste of espresso is weaker because there is more milk than in a cappuccino.


The Results:

5/5! After trying the different drinks in succession of one another, it became evident which drink was which, and their different characteristics and flavours more pronounced.

In fact, whereas before Susanna would reach for a Drip Coffee or Cafe Latte, she’d now be happy to order a Cappuccino or Americano:

Susanna – I was happily surprised about how much “more coffee” Americano tasted as well as Cappuccino. They both had a rich yet smooth flavour. I don’t want my coffee too heavy but still a little bit more intense than a casual Drip.

And, whereas before Jillian would order Drip Coffee, she’d now mix it up with a Cappuccino:

Jillian – Honestly I don’t drink coffee that often.. simply because I don’t know too much about it. Next time I will definitely step up my game and go for a Cappuccino!

Joti remains a true Americano girl at heart:

Joti – It’s just the way it is and always will be. Sometimes I add a little sugar.. but I do love my Americanos as is. They are more intense than a Drip, but not too much going on. It’s simple yet tasteful!


We would like to give you the chance to enjoy your favourite coffee drink at Blenz Coffee. Enter our contest here for the chance to win a $40 gift card!

Also, don’t forget to #SkipTheDrip and try an Americano for the price of Drip Coffee until March 8 at any Blenz Coffee location! Tag us at @blenzcoffee on Instagram or Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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