Neighbourhood Feature: Cocoa Tanning Studio

Our Neighbourhood Feature aims to highlight successful business owners and their members in Yaletown. This is your chance to meet the people behind the business and get to know their stories.

This week’s featured member is Kerri from Cocoa Tanning Studio

Name: Kerri

Company: Cocoa Tanning Studio

Year started:






Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have a deep passion for people. I have worked in customer service and have volunteered within the community for over 15 years. My workplace has always been filled with clients celebrating happy times, whether a special occasion or celebration; this has allowed me to take on some heavier-hearted volunteer roles. I believe that lifting others up allows you to be more present in your day to day and keeps you focused on what is important.

What inspired you to start in Yaletown?

In the simplest terms- Cocoa Tanning exists to support the people who work there and serve our clients.  We figured, people need jobs in Yaletown and people need tans!

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of the job is without a doubt the atmosphere. We have a mantra “tanning should be like a party!” In professional speak, this is “We seek to provide a positive and upbeat experience for everyone that comes tanning with us.” This has led to a generous client make it the right program and a long term team.

Complete the following sentence: “What really makes us unique is…”

community and our team. We make sure our team has extended health benefits and competitive compensation and we donate a minimum of 3 hours per week to a cause in the city, most often the DTES.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about opening their own business?
It will cost double what you think it will!


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