Neighbourhood Feature: Michael Huhn

Our Neighbourhood Feature aims to highlight successful business owners in Yaletown. This is your chance to meet the people behind the business and get to know their story.

This weeks featured member is Michael Huhn.

Name: Michael Huhn

Company: Urban Fare

Year started: 1999

Why did you start your business in Yaletown?

The Overwaitea Food Group started Urban Fare in Yaletown back in 1999 as a new concept store that would relate to an entirely new demographic of city dwellers. We knew Yaletown would be a very unique and diverse community, filled with people from various backgrounds, that had a flare for something unique and special. Thus Urban Fare was born and has flourished in the community of Yaletown ever since.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Working side by side with world class team members and getting to know my customers and making sure they receive world class customer service.

Complete the following sentence:

“What really makes us unique is…”

It’s the atmosphere, it’s the feeling of a European style market with the full service of a traditional grocery store. It’s a very comfortable environment where you connect with food and culture. We serve Vancouver as an award-winning store and our mission is to provide you with a unique and sophisticated food experience.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about opening their own business?

If we are talking strictly about retail then in my opinion it’s all about unique offerings and getting to know your customer. In Yaletown there is a higher expectation for customer engagement and going that extra mile. You have to put your heart and soul into your business and be passionate about the product you sell and the people you serve.


Facebook: @UrbanFare
Twitter: @urbanfare
Website: Urban Fare

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