Neighbourhood Feature: Tayler Rogers and Kendra Lovic

Our Neighbourhood Feature aims to highlight successful business owners in Yaletown. This is your chance to meet the people behind the business and get to know their story.

This weeks featured members are Tayler Rogers and Kendra Lovic.

Name: Tayler Rogers and Kendra Lovic

Company: BeautyMark

Year started: 2001






Why did you start your business in Yaletown?

Our business was started in Yaletown by our former owner Marc Brunet, who we took over from in 2012. He loved the location and vibe of the area. It was a perfect fit for his vision of BeautyMark!

What is your favourite part of your job?

Seeing our clients everyday makes it easy to come to work. They come here knowing that they can trust us with recommendations and it makes it a very rewarding working environment. We work with 4 other small businesses: Varnish Nail Lounge, iLash Beautique, Collective Skincare & Alisha Noon – its more like a family than a work place.

Complete the following sentence:

“What really makes us unique is…”

The shopping experience. We like to take a no-pressure approach to sales and that’s really important for us and our clients. We provide samples so you can try things out before you commit to purchasing them. We also work with some really amazing service providers, so you can get your other beauty services done too, all at the same spot.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about opening their own business?

There are a ton of ups and downs! You’ll have good days, amazing days and really bad days. Its important to stay focused and committed. If you love what you do, it’ll all be worth it.



Instagram: @beautymark_yaletown
Facebook: @BeautyMarkYaletown
Twitter: @BeautyMark_
Website: BeautyMark

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