Paul Dragan wins 2015 Independent Retail Ambassador of the Year Award


Paul Dragan, owner of Reckless Bike Stores in Vancouver, BC, will be honoured with the 2015 Independent Retail Ambassador of the Year Award. The Independent Retail Ambassador of the Year Award, sponsored by Chase Paymentech, recognizes the outstanding contributions of a local independent retailer to his or her community.

In 1986, Paul opened the original Reckless location on Fir Street. Today in Vancouver, the company’s three stores continue the tradition of exceptional service and quality work. Reckless Bike Stores offer a wide range of bikes to appeal to all levels of cycling experience. Dragan says, “Our mission is to bring cycling to the people who aren’t enthusiasts.”

“RCC is delighted to present the 2015 Independent Retail Ambassador of the Year Award to Paul Dragan, an entrepreneur who is not only committed to fostering an active lifestyle among his customers, but is also dedicated to his community,” said Diane J. Brisebois, President and CEO of RCC.

Reckless Bike Stores is involved in several local organizations and events such as The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, Slow Food Ride, fundraising rides to fight cancer and the Rotary Bike-A-Thon for the hearing impaired. “Paul’s involvement in local initiatives and events demonstrates real leadership. He truly is an ambassador and we’ve seen firsthand how his community appreciates his dedication and passion for both the retail industry and community as a whole,” says Brisebois.

Dragan will be recognized by the industry at RCC’s annual Excellence in Retailing Awards Gala held on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at the STORE 2015 Conference in Toronto.  For more information about the Excellence in Retailing Awards and to purchase Gala tickets, visit

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