Quarantini Recipes

We’re all missing our Happy Hours, cocktails and social gatherings. Here are some of the exclusive cocktail recipes from our restaurants.

You will enjoy these exclusive cocktail recipes from the Yaletown restaurants. We hope that you enjoy making them as much as we enjoyed drinking them.

Featured Cocktails

Winter Sunrise by Oeb Breakfast


• 1oz Cranberry Juice
• 2oz Aperol
• 2oz Club Soda
• Fill with ice and top with…
• 2oz House Bubbly
• Garnish 1 Orange wheel inside & Rosemary Sprig.

Fresh, Vibrant and Bubbly





Candy Fizz


• Raspberry garnish
• 2oz Raspberry vodka
• 1oz lemon juice
• 3/4oz raspberry syrup
• Egg white
• Soda to top up

Shaken, not stirred





Fuzzy Peach Sour by MeeT


• Maynards Fuzzy Peach candy infused Wild Turkey bourbon
• Amaretto
• Lemon juice
• simple syrup
• Aquafaba

Fun and delicious





Red Wine Masala by Tasty Indian Bistro


• Red Wine [1]
• Spiced Whisky [2]
• Slowly simmer [1] and [2] w/ Cinnamon
• Add Star Anise
• Add Garam Masala
• Fresh fruit + fruit juices

The perfect balance of sweet & heat





Apple Pie Moscow Mule by Oeb Breakfast


• Glassware – Collins Glass
• Fill Collins glass with ice pour over:
• 2 oz Triple Jims Fresh Apple Cider
• 1 oz Smirnoff vodka
• 3 oz Fentimans Ginger beer
• dash simple syrup (1/4oz)
• Garnish fresh Apple Wheel(inside) & Cinnamon stick Christmas in a glass


We will be updating this page weekly. If you have a cocktail idea that you’d like to share with us, please email marketing@yaletowninfo.com with your business name.


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