The Best Restaurant Patios in Yaletown


Vancouver may be the City of Glass, but Yaletown is a neighbourhood of bricks. Once considered the warehouse district of the city, the red brick buildings now house a myriad of breweries, eateries, and cafes that pepper the urban avenues. At Expedia Canada, we’re all about exploring new places on walking tours, which is why we’ve partnered with Yaletown BIA to bring you a guide of the very best patios to stroll through in Yaletown:



Yaletown’s claim to fame these days is its beer. Enjoy a brew with your crew when you unwind on these pub patios.

  1. Yaletown Brewing Company – 1111 Mainland Street

Founded in 1994, the award-winning Yaletown Brewing Company is Vancouver’s original brewpub. It’s immediately apparent why YBC is routinely voted by locals as the best pub in the city. The beers are meticulously crafted and paired with an outdoor atmosphere that mixes post-work colleagues, enthusiastic hockey fans, and new couples out for drinks. The patio area rests alongside the grey brick sidewalks, with industrial-style lights, thick polished wood tables, and a variety of heels and sneakers peeking out from under the benches.

  1. Brix – 1138 Homer Street

If you like wine as much as Cersei Lannister, you’ll love Brix. The bistro features over 60 varieties of wine, along with locally sourced ingredients on their distinctly Canadian menu. Order a glass and admire the 1912 heritage building, stem in hand. The courtyard patio is also not to be missed. The ivy-lined space is so photogenic and popular it’s often used for weddings and events. The covered patio is heated during the chilly months and is open throughout the year. After all, it’s never a bad time for wine.



Follow the glittering forks and spoons right into any of the top patio-friendly restaurants in Yaletown. These are some of the best.

  1. Cactus Club Café – 357 Davie Street

With just the right amount of trendy vibes and intense, expert flavours, the Cactus Club Café brings the perfect balance to lunch. The menu was created by Iron Chef Champion Rob Feenie, and no texture or taste is there by accident. The décor is well thought out, too. Thatched chairs dot the large covered patio, and offer ideal viewing of Davie Street. Grab a seat on the pastel cushions, and dig into the Szechuan chicken lettuce wraps or bubbling celeriac soup.

  1. The Parlour – 1011 Hamilton Street

Yaletown may have a reputation of being full of hipster eateries, but that’s perfectly fine with people who dine here. Case in point: The Parlour. The produce is plucked fresh and the food is presented in Instagram-worthy fashion. Snag a seat on the patio, where tables rest on the bricked sidewalk and are sectioned off by intricate cast iron rails. Enjoy the night breeze as you bite into any of the modern pizzas and popular parmesan dipping sauce.



Any walking tour around Yaletown can show you that Vancouver is a highly caffeinated city. Mosey over to any of these top spots for a cup of jitters.

  1. JJ Bean™ – 402 Davie Street

The clean, sleek design of JJ Bean is most certainly on purpose. This isn’t a place that wants to distract you with post-punk art or twinkling lights—it’s all about the coffee. The Neate family has been in the coffee business for four generations, and trust us, they know their beans. Order a cup of floral fruit-infused Colombia blend, cherry tang flavoured Kenya brew, or a caramel nut Espresso JJ. It’s ok to feel like a coffee snob as you relax on their outdoor patio. Grab a seat on one of their aluminum and mesh chairs and indulge in your caffeine conquest. Given its prime location on Davie Street, the people-watching is all the entertainment you need as you sip your dip.

  1. Sciue – 126 Davie Street

Follow the cheerful orange umbrellas straight into Sciue. While the menu offers a little bit of everything, the baked goods are the stars of the whole operation. Of course, you’ll need some coffee to wash them down, and the brew here happens to be legendary. All of the beans are locally roasted within the city, and Sciue creates their own coffee blends. Indulge in one of their famous pastries with a stiff espresso at any of the simple metal tables outside. The large patio offers plenty of room between patrons, giving you and your brunch pal the perfect amount of privacy to catch up.

Guest Post by:
Jennifer Cuellar
Expedia Canada Writer and Explorer

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