Discover your Neighbourhood

Tourism Challenge 2021

Yaletown is proud to welcome back our tourism professionals to partake in the 20th annual Tourism Challenge from May 1st to September 30th, 2021.


Discover Your NeighbourhoodReceive your three unique Yaletown stamps by completing the scavenger hunt, and finding the secret answers to the riddles below. Solve them to get your digital stamps.

Make sure to DM us to let us know that you’ve got them!

Riddle #1:

I go CHOO-CHOO but I’m no longer running. I’ve been here since 1887 and people love to visit me because of my history with Vancouver. Can you guess what my name is?

Hint: My name is on the side when you see me from the outside.

Enter Answer HERE to claim a stamp

Riddle #2:

There’s a colourful stream that carries one of nature’s greatest swimmers. We’ve been around for a couple of million years, but we’re now endangered due to habitat destruction, hydroelectric dams on migratory rivers, over-harvesting, and competition with hatchery fish. I can’t remember how many of us there are now, but perhaps you can help?

Hint: We’re located at this pink and blue stream at the center of the district.

Enter Answer HERE to claim a stamp

Riddle #3:

Who doesn’t love FREE stuff, am I right? Did you know that we’re the only Canadian neighbourhood that offers free public wifi so that you can stay connected at all times? What was the network called again?

Hint: Open your wifi settings or check the Yaletown street banners

Enter Answer HERE to claim a stamp

While exploring Yaletown, don’t forget to use the hashtags #DiscoverYourHood #iHeartYaletown when sharing your scavage hunt adventure. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.