Yaletown Tourism Challenge 2019

Yaletown is proud to welcome tourism professionals from April 20th to May 31st in the 19th annual Tourism Challenge!

The Tourism Challenge is an exciting city-wide promotion that encourages tourism professionals or volunteers for one of the 20,000 tourism industry partners to enrich their personal knowledge of our wonderful city. Yaletown is a featured neighbourhood in the challenge and we will be inviting participants to explore the area with a unique scavenger hunt. Be ready for tourism industry workers to be exploring our neighbourhood!


Receive your two Yaletown stamps by completing the scavenger hunt, and finding the secret phrase. Solve the riddles below to find the words that make up the phrase.


Word #1:

A hidden gem, minimalistic, hype fashion store known for its vowelless name. Collect one stamp while you try on their exclusive new arrivals with niche brands difficult to acquire.

Hint: 1060 Hamilton Street

Word #2:

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) stretches from the coast to coast of Canada and was created to physically unite our country. Collect your second stamp at a popular pavilion from Expo 86.

While exploring Yaletown don’t forget to use the hashtags #DiscoverYourHood #iHeartYaletown when sharing your photos.

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