Patios in Yaletown

Patio Season

Time to catch up or unwind with your mimosas, brunches and happy hours.

Yaletown Patios

Patio Season all year in Yaletown!

Find yourself in Vancouver’s best places to relax, catch up or unwind while you enjoy your mimosas, brunches, happy hours or a regular meal during the beautiful sunny weather in Yaletown.

Better yet, Yaletown patios aren't going anywhere now that they're available all year round - lots of eatery businesses have heated seatings in enclosed patios where you can stay warm during cold and wet weather.

Patio availability varies on restaurants, bars and cafes. Please contact the restaurant to learn more!

Brix & Mortar
Brix & Mortar
Tasty Indian Bistro
Minami Restaurant
MeeT in Yaletown