Vmf winter arts

Let there be light

The holiday season and festivities may be over as the city lights installations, art shows and night events come to a close by the end of January. But that does not mean that the fun ends there.

If you, your family and friends are searching for something fun and inspiring this February, then come enjoy the FREE, entertainment-filled, outdoor light festival hosted in Yaletown, showcasing contemporary and engaging technology from industry-leading light artists & AR designers who play with advanced video and lighting technology. A lot of the installations in Yaletown are works of art that are never-been-seen before and are curated by both local and international artists.

Join us and take a stroll through some of the coolest and exclusive displays in Yaletown.


FEBRUARY 11 - 27, 2022



There are 2 sites - Bill Curtis Square and Helmcken Plaza.

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Check out for other fun and interactive installations located around downtown Vancouver HERE.


No Tickets! FREE for ALL AGES. Come engage with some of the coolest AR, and never-been-seen-before light installations.

Installations & Performances

The following AR Art + Light Installations, and performances are hosted in Yaletown.

VMF Winter Arts: 'Coralscape Gardens' by ONESIAN & Katrina Iosia (representing New Zealand)

Location: Helmcken Plaza

Katrina Iosia and ONESIAN have been working collaboratively to bring to life both the augmented and the real-world experience, using the physical presence of sculpture and digital spaces in response to the theme 'The Metaself’. The work is an exploration of the ‘self’, how we perceive ourselves in the presence of both worlds combined, and how we navigate through these spaces.

CORALSCAPE GARDENS is a hybrid play of coral landscapes being reimagined in and amongst the cityscapes, it creates a dialogue for users to be able to immerse themselves into this experience.

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VMF Winter Arts: 'Blanketing the City: Lighting the way' by Musqueam artist Debra Sparrow

Location: Bill Curtis Square

Debra Sparrow was born and raised on the Musqueam Indian Reserve. She is self-taught in Salish design, weaving and jewellery-making. An acclaimed weaver, Debra has been deeply involved with the revival of the Musqueam weaving tradition for 30+ years. Her artwork is exhibited both nationally and internationally.

BLANKETING THE CITY was a mural series back in 2018 where she created three giant murals that showcase Musqueam weaving patterns and acknowledge the visual culture of the people whose unceded territory viewers are on. This year, Debra is taking a step further thanks to technology and will showcase her work and culture through light shows around Vancouver - including Yaletown. 

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Yaletown BIA: 'Alegría' sneak peek by Cirque du Soleil

Location: Helmcken Plaza (Feb 11-12; 4-8pm TBC)

Undeniably the most iconic Cirque du Soleil production, Alegría is an all-time classic reimagined for a new generation to fall in love with. An uplifting immersive experience, Alegría whisks audiences away to a mystical world sprinkled with visual poetry and acrobatic extravagance.

From February 11 - 12, witness a sneak peek performance from the world's best and most jaw-dropping talents from Cirque du Soleil in Yaletown as they get ready for Alegria this spring.

Learn more about Alegria and check out their Valentine's Offer

Yaletown BIA: 'Candycombs' by Monkey C Interactive

Location: Helmcken Plaza

Interact with the CANDYCOMBS when you open your music app, play your favourite dance music and groove to it on this fun and interactive dance floor.

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