What’s OPEN in Yaletown?

The businesses listed below (restaurants cafes grocery/markets medical clinics retails pet storesbeauty/salonfitnessother services) will be open for the public during the period of physical distancing. Business Hours may vary from regular hours. To learn what businesses are available online for your convenience, please visit yaletowninfo.com/TakeYaletownHome

Open With Care

As the province enters Phase 2, businesses were asked to follow a series of careful measures and proper guidelines set by WorkSafe BC to re-open its doors while maintaining to keep the curve flat and protect the well-being of its consumers, stakeholders and employees.

If you are a Yaletown business planning to re-open…

Learn How to Open With Care. This page is available for Yaletown Members only.

How can you, the public, help the local businesses?
  1. TWO METERS. In the meantime, please mask-up and practice physical distancing from others as this will be the new social norm outside of your home.
  2. WASH UP. Think before you touch. Always be mindful of others and wash your hands before/after you shop.
  3. CASH. Avoid them. Go contactless debit/credit card or Apple/Google Pay!
  4. BE KIND. Everybody is in the same boat stressed by the pandemic effect; lost jobs, lost business, lost loved ones… We can only be as strong when we’re together as one.
  5. SAY THANK YOU. Much needed good vibes these days. Make someone’s day by showing your gratitude – it’s FREE.
  6. SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY. You can shop, dine-in, take out, workout, unwind, subscribe… -To Help Out.

Before you go out…
  • If you’re sick or have been asked to quarantine at home, DON’T GO OUT. Order someone to drop your delivery at your door or at a safe distance (ask to knock on the door or contact you upon their arrival).
  • Only have one designated household member to run the chores outside of your house.
After you go out…
  • Disinfect anything you brought from the outside. While businesses Open With Care by taking extra measures to hand you their products, it never hurts to disinfect them again.
  • Watch how to sterilize your outside items: https://youtu.be/TKx-F4AKteE
And always…
  • Be considerate to others and listen to the authorities. They have our best interest in mind and by following these tips, we’ll get through this crisis.
  • Play your role by keeping these environments safe for everyone.
  • be KIND, be CALM and be SAFE.


Banter Room
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-565-1039)

Bartholomew Bar
Dine-in + Take-out only 4-7m (call 604-354-3912)

Brix & Mortar
Dine-in + Take-out Wed-Sun 1-9pm (call 604-915-9463)

Bistro Sakana
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery 5-9pm (call 604-633-1280)

Cactus Club Cafe
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-685-8070)

Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca
Dine-in (call 604-688-7466)

Dairy Queen
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-684-5548)

Copper Branch
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-423-9307)

DD Mau
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-684-4446)

Earls Kitchen + Bar
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-688-4990)

El Guapo
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery Tue-Sun (call 604-423-4224)

Elisa / Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery 4:30-10:15pm (call 604-362-5443 or order here)

Fresh Bowl
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-688-8565)

Fresh Slice Pizza
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-347-0000)

Glory Juice
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-428-0324)

Grand Chinese Restaurant
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-681-8288)

Hapa Izakaya
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-681-4272)

House Special
Take-out + Delivery 4-8:30pm (call 778-379-2939)

Jugo Juice
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-899-9251)

Juice Truck 
Take-out + Online (call 604-260-6943)

Ki Isu Sushi
Take-out only (call 604-899-0366)

La Terrazza
Dine-in (call 604-899-4449)

Little Saigon
Take-out only (call 604-683-6746)

Marutama Ramen
Dine-in + Delivery (call 604-687-0487)

Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-696-1165)

Milssam Tacorea
Dine-in + Take-out (call 604-646-8585)

Delivery only (order here)

Oeb Breakfast
Dine-in + Take-out (call 604-423-3447)

Original Joe’s
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 778-379-8410)

Panago Pizza
Take-out + Delivery (call 1-866-310-0001)

Provence Marinaside
Dine-in + Take-out (call 604-681-4144)

Red Racer Taphouse Beatty
Dine-in (call 604-588-2337)

Robba da Matti
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-558-1174)

Rodney’s Oyster House
Dine-in + Take-out (call 604-609-0080)

Salsa & Agave Mexican Grill
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery Wed-Sun (604-408-4228)

Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-689-7263) 

Simply Thai
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-642-0123)

Smithe Salad
Dine-in (call 778-379-9382)

Subway (mainland)
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-682-5595)

Subway (pacific)
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-682-5591)

Subway (robson)
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-685-7759)

Super Chef Grill
Take-out (call 604-681-7189)

Sushi Maro
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery Only (call 778-371-8332)

Urban Fare – hot food counter
Take-out only (call 604-975-7550)

Dine-in + Take-out (call 778-379-8226)

Tasty Indian Bistro
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-423-3300)

The Flying Pig
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-568-1344)

The Greek by Anatoli
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-979-0700)

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
Dine-in + Pick-up (call 604-633-2534)

The Parlour
Dine-in + Delivery Wed-Sun only (call 604-568-3322)

West Oak
Dine-in + Delivery (call 604-629-8808)

Dine-in (call 604-428-9211)

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Angus T
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-559-5989)

Bake 49
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-633-5610)

Caffe Artigiano
Dine-in, 8:30am-3pm (604-336-4766)

Cha Yuan Vancouver
(call 604-618-8816)

Footo Croissant
Dine-in + Take-out + Delivery (call 604-568-6500)

Ganache Patisserie
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-899-1098)

Take-out + Delivery (call 604-336-9550)

JJ Bean
Dine-in + Take-out only (call 604-684-9253)

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Take-out only (call 604-336-9253)

Mister Artisan Ice Cream
Take-out + Delivery (call 778-379-2833)

O-Cha Tea Bar
Open + Take-out (call 604-633-3929)

Rocanini Cafe
Take-out only (call 778-379-1863)

Small Victory Bakery
Take-out only, 830-130pm (call 604-899-8892)

Starbucks (Mainland)
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-662-4030)

Starbucks (Davie)
Take-out + Delivery (call 604-609-7717)

Yaletown Gelato Cafe
Dine-in, Wed-Sun (call 604-689-8531)

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BC Liquor Store
(call 604-664-0118)

Choices Market
(call 604-633-2392)

Earls Kitchen + Bar
(call 604-688-4990)

Elisa / Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
(call 604-362-5443)

Oeb Breakfast
Eggs available (call 604-423-3447)

(call 604-899-2295)

Red Racer
Beer and hand sanitizers (call 604-588-2337)

(call 604-681-6366)

Smithe Salad – Fresh goods available
(call 778-379-9382)

Swirl Wine Store
OPEN + Online (call 604-408-9463)

Urban Fare
(call 604-975-7550)

Yaletown Liquor Store
(call 604-688-0064)

Your Dollar Store
(call 604-669-6031)

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MEDICAL CLINICS (all dental are open for emergencies only)

Yaletown Medical Clinic
(call 604-633-2474)

Aquarius Chiropractic
(call 604-605-5800)

Aarm Dental Group
(call 604-629-0386)

Be Chiropractic Wellness
(call 604-688-5437)

Enamel Dental
(call 604-633-1199)

Glow Acupuncture & Wellness Center
(call 778-786-2517)

Homer Dental Centre
(call 604-408-2408)

Lifelabs Medical Laboratory Services
(call 604-431-7206)

Limelight Wellness Centre
(call 604 564 1002)

Pacific Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
(call 604-687-2900)

The Pharmacy
(call 604-684-8488)

Pure Pharmacy
(call 604-681-8190)

Sport + Spinal Physical Therapy
(call 604-646-4811)

Yaletown Dentistry
Emergency Appointments only (call 604-801-6669)

Yaletown Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry
(call 604-265-1106)

Yaletown Massage Therapy
(call 604-688-8601)

Yaletown Wellness
(call 604-633-0998)

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Brooklyn Clothing
OPEN Mon-Sat 10am-7pm (call 604-683-2929)
OPEN Sun 11am-7pm

(call 604-620-3669)

Dwell Living
OPEN (604-893-7773)

Exposure Clothing
(call 604-687-5808)

Fine Finds Boutique
OPEN Mon-Wed, 11am-2pm (call 604-669-8325)

Global Atomic Designs
Appointment only (call 604-806-6223)

(call 604-336-3012)

Appointments only (call 604-336-7674)

Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
OPEN (call 604-737-3969)

Leisure Center
Appointment Only (call 604-558-1950)

MASC Skincare & Grooming
OPEN for pick-up only (call 604-688-4555)

Maryam Collah Studio
Pick-up + Delivery (604 338 9434)

Mavi Jeans
OPEN (call 604-669-6284)

Optiks International
Appointments Only (call 604-669-0556)

(call 604-682-1688)

Reckless Bike Store
(call 604-648-2600)

Revolucion Cigars & Fine Gifts
OPEN + Online (call 604-662-4427)

Strozzi’s Eyewear
Appointment Only (call 604-602-1880)

Surmersur Custom Menswear
OPEN (call 604-424-8555)

The Cross Decor & Design
OPEN (call 604-689-2900)

West of Woodward
OPEN Mon-Sat 10am-7pm (call 604-312-9504)
OPEN Sun 11am-7pm

Woo To See You
OPEN (call 604-559-1062)

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barking babies
OPEN Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 10am-4pm (email info@barkingbabies.com)
OPEN Friday for private shopping

Bone Pet Store
OPEN + Online (call 604-559-2663)

Moonlight Dog Cafe
OPEN + Online (call 604-559-3680)

Spoiled Paws
OPEN, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 10am-6pm
Pick-up + Delivery (call 604-899-1220)

Van Pet Store
OPEN (call 604-687-8933)

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Aube Hair Salon
(call 604-428-5528)

Avant Garde Hair
(call 604-688-1986)

Barber & Co.
(call 604-669-4604)

Blo Brow Dry Bar
(call 604-909-9495)

Bobos Philosophy Salon
(call 604-899-2424)

Bombay Brow Bar
(call 604-683-2769)

Celebrities Barbershop
(call 604-423-2414)

Cocoa Tanning Studio
(call 604-899-7989)

Element Spa for Nails
(call 604-687-6245)

Frilly Lilly
(call 604-623-3330)

Luxe Beauty Lounge
(call 604-689-5893)

L’Image Hairstyling For Men
(call 604-682-1716)

Man Cave Barber Shop
(call 778-379-3365)

Marla’s Hair Studio
(call 604- 685-5610)

May Le Hair Studio
(call 604-899-6022)

Minhee Style Salon
(call 604-687-5265)

Moods Hair Salon
(call 604-688-1574)

My Spa Beauty & Wellness Center
(call 604-677-8301)

Noir Lash Lounge
(call 604-915-5274)

Pink Lime Salon & Spa
(call 604-683-7444)

Posy Nail Spa (Pacific)
(call 604 681 8495)

Posy Nail Spa (Homer)
(call 604 568-8870)

Skin Technique
(call 778-945-7505)

(call 604-642-0200)

Splashie Nail Spa
(call 604-248-8686)

Sugarbox Waxing Boutique
(call 604-569-1100)

SunScape Tanning Salon
(call 604-899-2290)

Surface Skin Lab
(call 604-673-5733)

Straight it by Tina Lee
(call 604-679-2667)

Style Lab Salon
(call 604-428-6991)

The Glamoury
(call 604-620-0561)

The IV Health Centre
(call 604-974-8999)

The Ten Spot
(call 604-767-9343)

Topknot Beauty Room
(call 604-979-8809)

Urban Cuts Barber
(call 604-688-0137)

Varnish Nails & Beauty
(call 604-710-7546)

Willow Lash Labs
Appointment only (call 604-700-5064)

White Orchid Rejuvenation Centre
(call 604-428-7999)

Yaletown Hair and Lash Studio
(call 604-428-9088)

Yaletown Nail Spa
(call 604-568-2666)

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Barre Fitness
Open + Virtual Sessions (call 604-669-6906)

Fit to be Healthy
Open + Virtual Sessions (call 604-620-0040)

Form Body Lab
Open + Virtual Session (call 604-687-6870)

Pure Barre
Open + Live Streaming Sessions (call 604-695-9507)

Rize Fitness Inc.
Open + Virtual Coaching and Remote Naturopath Consultations (call 778-709-8483)
Online Supplement Shop (visit rize-fitness.myshopify.com)

The Bar Method
Open (call 604-681-6188)

Open + Virtual Sessions (call 604-684-3334)

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All risk insurance
(call 604-731-3104)

Appointment only (call 604-668-1550)

Canada Post (Yaletown Express Market)

Coastal Trademark Services
Online only (call 604-687-7432)

Expedia Cruise Ship Centres
Appointment only (call 604-687-4545)

Freedom Mobile
(call 604-630-9563)

H&R Block
(call 604-806-4744)

(call 604-605-8718)

ICBC Autoplan
(call 604-899-0511)

New Type Computer Workshop
(call 604-899-0328)

Pacific Dry Cleaners
(call 604-423-4000)

RBC (homer)
(call 604-665-0747)

(call 778-328-6464)

TD Bank
(call 604-482-2780)

The German Watchmaker
OPEN (call 604-681-5412)

Top Stitch
(call 604-676-0661)

Yaletown Accounting
(call 604-805-4721)

Yaletown Photography
(call 604-688-7672)

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