#YaletownFree Wi-Fi

Welcome to the newest Yaletown experience #YaletownFree. Yaletown has become Vancouver’s first, and only, free Wi-Fi district with complimentary internet coverage to help visitors stay connected for free.

In continuing our efforts to make Yaletown as a visitor destination where next begins, tourist and locals can access the free outdoor Wi-Fi network within steps of the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain Station. From Mainland Street to Hamilton Street visitors can log on, find shops and restaurants, and access deals and events.

Are you ready to enjoy the #YaletownFree outdoor network?

1-Step outside to Mainland Street and Hamilton Street with your phone.
2-Find the #YaletownFree network and accept our terms, no email or sign-up needed!
3-Look for feature deals and savings found on our website when you log on.

See our map below for coverage:

Phase 1 – Mainland Street – complete
Phase 2 – Hamilton Street – complete
Coming soon! This fall #YaletownFree expands to Phase 3.

Snack on power by charging your cellphone while you wait for take out, an appointment or more!


  • Free outdoor Wi-Fi means no roaming or data charges to you. Connect as often as you like, and enjoy.
  • Fast uploads and fast access so that you can connect fast to your networks
  • Continuous 24 hour coverage so that you can browse #YaletownFree without losing your connection
  • No email address or need to identify yourself. Just “accept” and relax knowing that you won’t end up on an email marketing list.

If you would like to know more about how the #YaletownFree Wi-Fi works for  your business please contact operations@yaletowninfo.com.